No.102: “I normally like to dress in red and cast fire spells just to confuse my team mates in the first phase of Iset.”
Submitted and screenie by: Kobito. 
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Anonymous sent: Yep, that's what I see around too whenever I go for the 24 ones. Gotta try going in a siggy only with friends to test that pfft, I really want to find that out! :p thanks again ^-^

Not a problem darlin! Good luck on your hunt! <3

Anonymous sent: Yeah, I knew the cata part, but I wasn't sure if hitting him influenced the amount of stones you had to throw or automatically made him recover his hp or sth xD thanks for the help :D

Not a problem. The last time I played, someone said that it helped heal him? (If you hit him with your weapon instead.) If I remember right. I may be wrong, but someone told me that. <3

Anonymous sent: Hi :3 sorry for the stupid question, but I've been wondering this for a while and I was wondering if you could help. Hitting Siglint when he's turned into stone, does it make any difference? I've seen videos showing it doesn't, but everyone keeps shouting "OMG DON'T HIT", so I would like to be sure. Thanks in advance ^-^

Yeah, the last thing you want to do is hit him. The ONLY way you do anything while Siggy’s turned to stone is with the catapults. 

 This is from the wiki page: 

  • Petrifies himself, reducing all damage taken to 1. Players must use the Catapults in the area and barrage his stoneskin with armour. Success will cause him to collapse, but failure will cause him to heal and perform his tail attack.

Also: It isn’t a stupid question ^-^ <3

No.101: &#8220;I met my boyfriend on Vindictus a couple of months ago. I liked him even when I thought he was a girl.&#8221;
Submitted and screenie by: Koibito.
(Merry Christmas everyone! &lt;3! ) 
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N̯̝͔̥̜̥͛̐ͪ̅̄ͩ̊ͮ̈ͭ͑̀̆͛̌̚̚ŏ͔͚̮̼̰̥̻͈̦͆̈́̾ͯ̉ͤ́͛ͦͥ͋̈̓̊͐.̩͉̘̰̘͔̞̩͙͖̦̤̌͌̐ͣ̾̆ͯͧͥ̾͊́̂̓̌̚̚1̗͔̞̜̦̗̝̞̻͇͚̤̣̖̥̜͂̔̌̾ͅͅ0͈̟̱̗͍̳̣͈̫͈̫̻̣̤͌̀̓ͬ̊͐̈́̏̓͛0̪͎͉͇̳̞͓̞̲̦͚̳̲͔͓͉̹̳̈̉̽͆̆ͪ̍̇͂̎̄͊͐̌͆: &#8221;I see less Fionas by the day and it makes me sad to know she                   isn’t loved as much as before.&#8221;
Submitted and screenie by: chocho-police

(Yay! No.100! Also, Happy Halloween everyone! &lt;3)
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No.99: “I hate it when I have what would be considered a ‘cool’ screenshot, if it weren&#8217;t for the map letters that appear due to my tendency to button-mash towards the end of a boss fight.&#8221;
Submitted and screenie by: Koibito
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Well Vindi Confessions turned one today. Had this blog up for a year already. Wow.

So no more confessions? 

Isn’t there a new big character coming soon?

No.98: &#8220;I think Paladins are better looking than Dark Knights. &#8220;
Submitted and screenie by: chocho-police
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